What rights do you have as an applicant?

It is not always clear what your rights are when you make an application. Employers and employment agencies do, however, have a number of obligations they must fulfil. We will list them for you.
Am I obligated to answer personal questions?

No; you are not. The interviewer is not allowed to ask you any personal questions. But the difference between what is personal and what isn’t is not always clear. It is up to you to determine how far you’ll go. 

Is an interviewer allowed to view my Facebook profile?

No; your personal life may not be made to play a role in the application procedure. So, it really doesn’t matter what you’re posting on Facebook. But it is difficult to prove whether an interviewer allows it to affect his/her opinions, nevertheless. So, use your common sense with regards to your social media presence. 

Will I receive feedback after an interview?

Yes; you can request your file and additional information about your application procedure after the interview. Contact your contact person and ask him/her about your points for improvement. 

Is an employer allowed to refuse my employment?

Yes; any employer is free to choose who they will hire to fill a vacancy. Still, any selection procedure must proceed in an objective, respectful, and non-discriminatory way. Each candidate must have been given the same opportunity to get the job. 

Do you have any questions about your rights as an applicant? You are welcome to contact our employees.

Attention: this page does not contain any legal advice about your rights and duties. Contact our consultants for concrete legal advice. Got any questions for the ombuds service for private employment services? Contact them here.