Select supports students

A career starts while you are still at school. Select can help you with this. A student job that fits with your studies or a first work experience? Select takes care of everything for you. If you’re interested in an HR career, Select can offer you a nice internship.

A career starts while you are still at school

Student job powered by Select

A well-paid student job you enjoy and that matches your courses? Select takes care of that to ensure that you can focus on your degree while at school and get to work in your free time straight away. You’ll earn some extra cash while adding some relevant experience to your CV. Since you’re now working hours instead of days as a student, you can work professionally in a flexible schedule. 

Gaining experience in HR

An internship with Select

Interested in a career in HR? Want to learn from true HR experts? Gain experience with Select and get to know company life from within as well as from the outside. Contact us and we’ll find a fun internship together at one of our offices. 

Almost graduated? Let us know!

Just graduated or have the finish line in sight? Drop us a line and we’ll look for your first working experience together with you. Our consultants have a network of well-known and less-known clients ready for you to start your career. They know these companies through and through and therefore can make a perfect match with your personality and talents.