Be responsible for the implementation of the strategic technological vision to deliver software solutions and managing the software development teams transversely and organization-wide in order to achieve the most efficient way in building and deploying software solutions.

  • Develop and deliver a strategic technological vision and direction for the organization.
  • Translate the software development strategy into technology, applications and processes and make sure all of  the technical roadmaps of the organization  are followed and implemented in close collaboration with the product teams.
  • Work effectively with Product Managers and Product Owners to ensure delivery against agreed priorities.
  • Research the external environment, and where appropriate identify and recommend external partners for the delivery of best-in-class technologies suitable for applications of the organization’s portfolio.
  • Identify and implement technology trends that will be able to support the future success of the business.
  • Create, implement, and maintain a continuous improvement plan for software development and IT infrastructure in close collaboration with the product teams.
  • Ensure that technology standards and best practices are maintained.
  • Drive consistent standards and approaches throughout the organization's development teams.
  • Take responsibility for the alignment and integration between the different technologies used in the software development process of the organization. 
  • Determine the methodology for the elaboration of the architecture and inform the parties involved (Solutions Architect, Developers,…) of the organization in order to contribute to a coherent IT architecture and as a result improve the efficiency of the organization.
  • Support, coach and develop the different parties involved (Product Managers, Teamleaders, Solution Architects, Developers,…) and closely collaborate with all teams involved.
  • Stimulate the development and improvement in quality of the transversal processes and used technologies.
  • Keep oneself well-informed about the technological evolutions related to software application development and information security and keep his/her knowledge up-to-date within the context of the new possibilities in order to strengthen his/her credibility by offering a service that is continuously based on updated knowledge.
  • Coordinate and organize different activities within the Software Factory according to the priorities and competencies of each and the requirements of the customer in order to offer an efficient and effective service that meets the quality criteria of the organization within the set terms.
  • Provide feedback and reports concerning the team to the appropriate departments (management, HR, Finance, etc.) to update the company on the teams’ progress.
  • Support the decisions of the management and the Management Committee.
  • Comply with the internal HR policies and procedures by working closely with the HR Department.
Organisatie- en afdelingomschrijvingOur client is a market leader in software development. Aanbod - A permanent job within an ICT company of 240 professionals.
- An attractive salary package with  benefits (company car, meal vouchers, insurance, laptop, mobile, Bonus , ...).
- A corporate culture and location enable a healthy work-life balance.
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