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  • Stakeholder engagement and awareness
  • Manage and cultivate relationships with a broad range of stakeholders, including the threat intelligence and incident response communities, to foster collaboration and information sharing.
  • Spearhead initiatives to raise awareness about product abuse and the company’s efforts to combat it among internal teams, stakeholders, and the broader internet community.
  • Take charge of creating and disseminating comprehensive reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to domain name abuse prevention efforts to the company's key internal and external stakeholders.

Product ownership

Three products crafted by Ethe company’s team spearhead the fight against online product abuse.

1. APEWS (Abuse Prevention and Early Warning System)
By analyzing patterns based on AI and rule-based systems, APEWS can predict potential abusive use of domain names.

2. KYC (Know Your Customer) Portal
The KYC Portal is essential for validating the identity of customers, particularly when abuse or non-eligibility is suspected. It facilitates a secure and efficient process for holders to confirm their data, with automated validation options for those within the EU and EEA.

IDENTITY serves as the critical link between our abuse detection efforts (including alerts from APEWS) and the KYC validation process. This tool automates the handling, alerting, and reporting of potential abuse cases, ensuring a coordinated response across the board.

Product ownership responsibilities include:
  • Chart the product roadmap for each product, prioritizing features and improvements that enhance our abuse prevention capabilities.
  • Collaborate with tech, innovation, legal, and support teams to ensure product enhancements align with user needs and compliance requirements.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each tool in preventing abuse.
  • Stakeholder communication: engage with internal and external stakeholders to gather feedback, share updates, and advocate for product needs.

Identity validation coordination
  • Manage the process and the team in charge of identity validations of domain name holders to ensure compliance with outlined procedures, providing highquality customer support to domain name holders throughout the process.

Threat Intelligence, analysis and reporting
  • Collect and analyze data from both internal and external sources to identify, prioritize and act on domain name abuse threats
  • Conduct regular reviews of delegated domain names to detect and address any instances of product abuse, ensuring the ongoing integrity.
  • Report identified product abuse to relevant third parties, including law enforcement agencies, and follow up on actions taken by these entities.
  • Serve as the primary contact between the Business Operations team and the legal department for actions related to product abuse prevention that require legal assessment, advice, or followup. This includes evaluating the business impact of new regulations related to product abuse prevention, advising on strategic adjustments to optimize operations.
ProfielIn the ever increasingly vital field of online safety, the Program Manager Abuse Prevention will lead our efforts in safeguarding our products and services against online domain name abuse. Your responsibilities will include driving our abuse prevention strategy through intelligence analysis, identity validation processes, and managing key internal and external stakeholder relationships.

You will also take ownership of our proprietary tools designed to combat product abuse, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of abuse prevention technology.

Join us in this critical mission to create a safer online environment.

PROFILE Required qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of Law, Communication, IT/Computer Science, Organizational management or Project management (or other relevant field).
  • At least 5 years of experience in stakeholder engagement, product ownership or policy development, if possible within the sphere of regulated digital services.
  • A good understanding of internet architecture
  • Experience interpreting data from various sources and regulations to guide decisionmaking processes.
  • Outstanding communication skills requiring professional knowledge of English, with a demonstrated ability to manage and engage a wide range of stakeholders from various sectors including government, tech industry, legal, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and navigate the market landscape for digital products. This includes identifying market opportunities, prioritizing product features based on user needs and strategic goals, and effectively communicating these priorities to cross functional teams.
  • Proficiency in leading projects from conception through to completion, adept at setting priorities, resource allocation, and adhering to deadlines.
Preferred skills:
  • Knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework pertaining to digital services, and its impact on abuse prevention strategies.
  • Strong leadership qualities with the ability to inspire team members and drive initiatives forward
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory environments and technology landscapes, with a forwardthinking approach to anticipate and address future challenges in abuse prevention.

Personal attributes:
  • Creative and effective problem solving skills, with a keen ability to propose innovative solutions to complex challenges.
  • A collaborative mindset, valuing teamwork and cross functional cooperation to achieve shared objectives in abuse prevention.
Organisatie- en afdelingomschrijvingOur not-for-profit organization is dedicated to managing, operating and promoting one of the most important parts of internet infrastructure in Europe, with a mission to provide high-quality, secure, and accessible services to millions of users across the world.

They are constantly pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. AanbodThe company is committed to providing a dynamic and flexible work environment that promotes a healthy work/life balance for its diverse workforce, including hybrid work, competitive compensation packages and extended learning programs. Additional benefits to our compensation package include meal vouchers, a comprehensive group and health insurance plan and extra holidays.

The company is the perfect place for you to grow both personally and professionally. So don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join the friendly team.
*Deze functie staat open voor iedereen. Ongeacht gender, seksuele geaardheid, origine, filosofische of religieuze overtuiging, leeftijd of handicap.
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