QA/QC Engineer

ZeebruggeIEnergie I Chimie, pétrochimie

Description de fonction


  • Report to and assist the QA/QC Manager to ensure that the (sub)contractors comply
    with the technical specifications and that these are fully implemented.
  • Actively follow up the (sub)contractor’s Quality Control and Management System:
    review the management of and the quality documentation itself at contractor’s offices
  • Good knowledge of ASME (or at least of equivalent construction codes) is an
    advantage, as well as experience with welding and piping aspects of big construction
    projects (stainless and carbon steel piping)
  • Ensure that all necessary inspections as identified in the approved Inspection and Test
    Plan (ITP) are executed.
  • Ensure that all deviations from the Project Requirements are documented and
    recorded (NCR’s).
  • Coordinate with the contractor’s representative to ensure inspections are carried
  • Coordinate Requests For Inspections (RFI) where required providing sufficient
    notices for hold, witness and inspection Points.
  • Ensure that surveillance inspections are continually carried out on the project
    recording and documenting any and all deviations from the Project Quality Program
  • Review the calibration status of any test equipment being utilized on the project.
  • Provide support and advice to the construction personnel in relation to Project Quality
    and/or Constructability
  • Attend and participate in all required meetings.
  • Follow up on all audit findings ensuring that action is taken and reoccurrence is
  • If required, perform inspections in contractor’s, sub-contractor’s and/or Vendor’s
    prefab shops to ensure that the production complies with the project requirements.
  • Review ITP's, WP's, TP’s, MRR’s, etc. as required on the project.
  • Review As-builts, TOP’s for commissioning and final dossier
  • You have 5 -10 years relevant experience
  • You are a team player with pronounced leadership skills. This means that you can send others, motivate them and gives constructive feedback
  • You're working solution-oriented, have strong planning skills and are immune to stress
  • You speak fluent Dutch and have a good knowledge of English
Descriptif de l’organisation et du département

Select Projects is part of an international full-service Human Resources organization: Select HR. Select Projects specializes in offering solutions through projectsourcing. From our offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Dubai, we provide support to companies who need experienced specialists / project staff in several areas. We distinguish ourselves by our good follow-up and service to all our customers and our employees.


You will receive an attractive salary package with interesting fringe benefits, all in an exciting work environment where you have the ample opportunity to grow and to develop.

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