Textile Engineer


Job description

Our client is looking for a Textile Engineer who will be responsible for the technical support & engineering at our Design and production departments. The emphasis is on weave-technical difficulties that occur when translating the designs to the weaving machines, as well as carrying out trials.

  • Being the internal contact for all weave-technical issues and questions arising from the departments.
  • Supporting difficult quality and other weave-technical issues that are experienced.
  • Processing and consolidating information and sharing this with the service department.
  • Reporting.


  • Engineering degree, Bachelor or Master level.
  • You must have a strong knowledge of English (oral and written).
  • You need to have considerable expertise and knowledge of the mechanical, electrical and the most important textile-technical operation of our weaving machines.
  • You must have an extensive knowledge of the weaving process, the complications that can arise and the associated solutions.
  • You should have an analytical mind and a structured approach.
  • You need to be both communicative and flexible.
  • You must be a real team player and derive satisfaction from helping and coaching your colleagues.
Organisation and department description

Our clients is offering a range of designer and luxury floor coverings which are exported all over the world. This position is based in Belgium.


We offer

  • A fixed position at a high-end player in carpeting and textile production.
  • A competitive salary package.
  • Work location is Belgium.


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