Service Engineer


Job description


• You are responsible for the installation and start-up of Sputter Hardware machines. You create the necessary schedules and installation schedules, you make agreements with the customer and you manage the installation on site.

• You are responsible for the technical final inspection before shipment of the goods to be installed (you check whether everything is assembled according to plan, you check if everything is present according to quotation and you are responsible for the final check of the functionality of the goods).

• You are also responsible for the maintenance and service interventions of machines at customers' premises. In the event of complaints or problems, you are the one who travels to the customer for the problem

to solve.

• You are also responsible for the commercial side (you give presentations / training sessions, both internally as external and you give presentations of a project / product to customers).



• You have a bachelor's or master's degree in electromechanics. Experience is an advantage but not a must.

• You have a strong technical understanding and also a very good knowledge of electromechanics.

• You have a strong adaptability to get to know the products in the short term.

• You know how to set priorities. You can work autonomously, without losing team spirit.

• You have a hands-on personality with a sense of initiative and you have one commercial / customer oriented attitude.

• You are also responsible for reporting, administrative handling of service tasks, and feedback to the organization.

• You strive to continuously improve the quality of the work delivered.

• You are willing to travel internationally on a regular basis (up to 60%).

• You have a good knowledge English (written and oral), Dutch is a plus.

Organisation and department description

Our client is a high-tech, dynamic company where people are key. We have a heart for technology, a passion for machine building, but above all the belief that each

makes the difference. Thanks to a well-filled order book and technology-driven products in a market that is in full motion, we are among the top and we are the reference when it comes to ultra thin optical coatings. Every day you come in contact with the end products made with our

systems. You can find it in & on your smartphone, on the glass of the windows in your house &

car and maybe in the solar cells on your roof, etc ...

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