Junior Homologation Engineer

ZedelgemIAutomotive Sector

Job description

Primary function: Assists to the development of new Agricultural machinery and ensures they are in conformity with all relevant legal requirements. In particular, the EU or national homologation requirements that apply for sales in the EU markets.

Essential responsibilities:

1) Maintaining a database, with all data that are needed during the whole lifecycle of the product (homologation requirements, PIN plate information, DoC/CoC information

2) Compiles the homologation files with drawings, test/measuring results, weighings etc…..

3) Negotiates with the Technical Services of the affected countries about the number and configuration of the machines that are needed to complete the homologation program

4) Organizes and leads the physical presentations and tests

5) Organizes and assists during the CoP audits (Conformity of Production)

6) Compiles the Technical Construction Files that are applicable to machinery (MD, EMC, RED)

7) Facilitates Risk Assessments (pro-active and re-active) concerning occupational safety issues

8) Participates in activities related to standardization, regulation/legislation and Sector Committees (CEMA, Agoria)



Profile requirements:

1) Degree in mechanical engineering (Bachelor/Master)

2) Social skills to negotiate with the competent Authorities

3) Knowledge about technical legislation

4) Problem solving skills

5) Familiar with the functionality, concepts and safety aspects of agricultural machinery

6) Familiar with standards, legislation and certification of vehicles

7) Passive knowledge of Pro E systems (retrieve information and drawings)


Organisation and department description

Our client is hiring for Homologation Engineer to work in Belgium with experience in EU Legislation.


Salary + other benefits 

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Michiel van Rossum Consultant Select International Dubai 0032 468258848
Junior Homologation Engineer Vacancy information
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