Hydraulics Architect

Automotive Sector

Job description
  • You will make the design and develop the testplan for the hydraulic systems;
  • You will establish the test validation plan for the hydraulic systems;
  • Once the prototypes are more mature, you will coach a hydraulics tester that will support you in the more iterative testing that is needed. The testing includes creating the right test set-up for the validation tests (set-ups for functional and durability testing) and testing the prototypes of the hydraulic system as a separate hydraulic system as well as integrated in the driveline system;
  • You will process the test data to the necessary information so that conclusions can be derived from the testing;
  • You can also support the hydraulic tester to create this information;
You make the final conclusions

  • You have a master of science or master of engineering degree in Electromechanical or hydraulic Engineering;
  • You have at least 3 years experience in designing hydraulic systems;
  • You have knowledge about hydraulic systems and mechanics. The hydraulics know-how is related to hydraulics needed to control transmissions;
  • You are able to use in the testing a controller with the embedded software to control the hydraulic system;
  • You are hands-on and you have problem solving and communication skills;
  • You are able to travel internationally (10% typical);
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English;
  • You must be able to work in an international, diverse team.
Organisation and department description

One of our clients hiring for Hydraulics Architect for Belgium location.

  • A challenging job, with room for initiative and focus on innovation;
  • The opportunity to become a member of the Electrification and Mechatronics Engineering Group that is headquartered in Belgium;
  • The opportunity to work for a thought leader in their market;
  • A function with an international context and contacts;
  • The opportunity to share knowledge and experience with their engineering departments worldwide and with research institutes and universities;
  • An innovative, driven and open organization, offering many possibilities to grow in your career.
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