Automation Control System engineer

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Job description

The mission shall be comprised of the following practical tasks & deliverables :
1. Realize process control system solutions for gas ICS infrastructures (brown/green field).
2. Familiarize with IT/OT environment (organisation, stakeholders, processes, etc.)
3. Present work to management team, Customer ICS community and security stakeholders.
Note that the above list is not exhaustive and other typical project management tasks and/or deliverables may be identified after the start of the mission.

  • Gathering information to document an as is situation.
  • Developing functional and design specification.
  • According to specification, performing design, development, internal testing and commissioning.
  • Providing required technical project documentation and training
  • Supporting ICS key users
  • Maintaining and modifying existing ICS systems
  • A proven experience in specific control systems such as:
  • Historian Platforms (PI Osisoft / Archestra system Platform)
  • Distributed control systems (SiemensPCS7/ ABB 800)
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada Intouch/Factory talkview)
  • Programmable logic controllers (Rockwell / Siemens )
  • Knowledge of ICS Cyber security frameworks (mainly ISA 99)
  • Project Management in general
    Knowledge of Risk analysis and its application in ICS projects.
    General knowledge of typical IT hardware and software architectural elements including clients, servers, storage, networks and databases
  • minimum of 5 years of experience in ICS environment
    OR minimum of 5 years implementing security controls related to ICS environment
Organisation and department description

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