Sales Manager

CorbyIPharmaceutical Sector

Job description

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identifies the potential customers and negotiates with customers: prices and other conditions within the range authorized by the sales
  • Prepares Annual Budget for the territory and achieves targeted sales volumes
  • Prepares customer wise detailed plan for achieving price realization/ contribution.
  • Recommends appropriate strategies and on approval, ensure implementation of the same, in case of any difficulties in price realization.
  • Ensures collection from the customers as per the agreed terms. Analyze the overdue outstanding and takes actions to expedite the collection.
  • Frames appropriate strategy & recommends legal action against the defaulting customers.
  • Visits customers in a planned manner, when there are no issues, to develop better understanding of his requirements and create strong bond of relationship and gives feedback to customer service.
  • Ensures timely corrective and preventive action to resolve the customer complaints.
  • Provides techno commercial information and clarification required by the customers from time to time.
  • Keeps the customers informed of the products added in our range.
  • Manages Key accounts on a local level in coordination with Key account manager
  • Compiles the market information of customers related to new product development, discontinuation of existing products, expansion plans, future growth, etc. Based on the information, recommends appropriate strategies to the Head of sales.
  • Compiles information pertaining to Competitors in terms of price, credit terms, volume, share of business, quality assessment etc. and recommend appropriate strategy

  1. Candidates with direct experience in capsules sales will be preferred
  2. Candidates currently involved in sales of other pharma consumables, excipients, API’s.
  3. The candidates should have experience of handling UK market.

Organisation and department description

One of our client ( Pharmaceuticals ) hiring for Sales Manager based in UK. They do capsules; granulation and tablet coating; capsule filling; tabletting; packaging films; blister packing and carton packing to the end-of-line solutions and track and trace systems.


Base salary + Variable Pay

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