Mechanical Engineer Static & Rotating

AntwerpIOil/ Gas/ Petroleum

Job description
  • You are (co) responsible for producing technical sheets of both static and rotating equipment.
  • You work with most complex types of equipment: tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, compressors.
  • You have basic knowledge of related equipment, like: electric motors, loading arms, hoses (towers), mixers, pig stations, etc. and knowledge of the different materials, insulation, coating, ... knowledge of octode testing comes in handy.
  • Knowledge about ATEX and PED guidelines.
  • As a mechanical engineer you work independently, and you report to a senior engineer and or a project manager.
  • In many cases you maintain direct contact with the client and / or supplier.
  • You have good insight into the technical content and the commercial and performance-related aspects of mechanical (petro chemical) projects.
  • Experience in the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Accurate and structured
  • Practical and able to work on multiple projects simultaneously

Fluency in English, other language is a plus.

Organisation and department description

One of our clients hiring for Machanical Engineer Static & Rotating for Belgium location.

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Mechanical Engineer Static & Rotating Vacancy information
Production/ Engg/ R&D
Contract duration unspecified
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