Solution Analyst - BI and FA


Job description
  • Working with the internal clients to made-to-measure solutions for business processes, working methods, working spaces and IT systems.
  • You will be working in the dedicated department for Business Processes and Systems - This department develops and supports the business processes, flows of information and ICT systems for all of the clients’ companies. This makes it possible to work on different projects as an Analyst, in different domains within the company: Marketing and Communication, Security management, Purchasing, Supply Chain, HR, Finance, Sales, Business Intelligence
  • Analyzing existing situations, consult with the relevant end-users and the best possible solution provide from your field of expertise,Through an advanced model of analysis you find the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Bachelor/Masters Degree in relevant field
  • Experience in functional analysis. Knowledge of UML and Lean Management is a big plus.
  • Can differentiate details from the core of the case, enabling you to see directly the problems and opportunities.
  • Strong in planning and organizing and can manage a project independently (you work together with colleagues but are also owner of your project).
  • Committed and convincing; you can lead meetings and project groups, give presentations, etc. 
Organisation and department description

Select HR & Select Projects are an international group of companies focused on staffing and recruitment solutions. We are mainly active in Belgium, The Netherlands, Middle East and North Africa.

Our client is a big player in the retail market. We are looking for IT Solution Analyst for their IT department. Client is active and very successful in the business to consumer market.

  • Complete salary package, with company car, profit participation and many other benefits.
  • Challenging and flexible job in an inspiring working environment.
  • Freedom to start own initiatives.
  • Client offers internal and external trainings and courses.
  • Working on projects in different domains in cooperation with many different specialists.
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Joseph Mercader Dubai +971(0)443 08219
Solution Analyst - BI and FA Vacancy information
Software Hardware EDP
Contract duration unspecified
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