Maintenance and Machine improvement Officer

AntwerpIGems & Jewellery

Job description

Maintains close working relations with:

  • Externally: Existing and potential new supplier
  • Internally: With colleagues of the Sorting team, Diamond Administration, Purchasing and IT


  • Provide technical support and advice with regards to maintaining and improving our custom build machinery
  • Lead maintenance activities
  • Develop standards for measuring maintenance effectiveness and establish standardised processes
  • Take control over maintenance and improvement budget
  • Analyse the current performance of our machines and develop improvements to design, reliability, performance of parts from design to final validation (concept, 2D/3D drawing, 3D print, validation,…)
  • Set-up a TPM framework (Total Preventive Maintenance) focussing on Lean methodology
  • Maintain relationships with internal stakeholders and with external service providers and suppliers
  • Organise reporting to Operational management on machine performance and development
  • High focus on HSE, quality and standard of work and cost consciousness

Education: Technical Bachelor (electro-mechanical or mechanical is preferred) or equal through experience

Technical Skills:

  • Experience and affinity in mechanics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics, choice of materials, optics,… is desired to build-up know-how of our technology
  • 2D/3D drawing skills (AutoCad Inventor is preferred)
  • Affinity with Lean Manufacturing principles
  • Affinity with reporting tools (Qlikview is preferred)
  • Relevant work experience: First work experience is a bonus
  • Language skills: English (required), Dutch (Bonus)
Organisation and department description

One of our clients hiring for Maintenance and Machine improvement Officer.

This is for Antwerp diamond sector and this person will report to Sorting Manager


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Milan Upadhyay Recruitment Consultant Dubai +971 (0)4 447 7910
Maintenance and Machine improvement Officer Vacancy information
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