Java Developer

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Job description
  • Work in a team on the development of complex software applications and projects.
  • Develop software projects based on functional analyzes.
  • test the developed solution, debug and document it.
  • We count on your creative contribution during the analysis and development process.
  • You feel at home in the world of Java. You follow the evolution of Java and the use of modern development techniques.
  • Reporting to the Software & Technology Manager.
  • Bachelors or Masters in IT Engineering
  • At least 3 years of work experience in the development of software in Java.
  • Experience with client-server applications, programming of web applications (GWT, CSS), Hibernate, as well as knowledge of relational databases (Transaction Management), Domain Driven Design, and scripting languages (Perl, Ruby) are a plus.
  • Work independently and in a team: you can perform in both environments.
  • You want your projects to be 100% tested and documented and are willing to give support if necessary.
Organisation and department description

Select HR & Select Projects are an international group of companies focused on staffing and recruitment solutions. We are mainly active in Belgium, The Netherlands, Middle East and North Africa.

Our client has around 100 employees and creates, sells and installs ICT solutions for time registration, personnel planning, access control, visitor registration and camera surveillance.

You will contribute to new products. What you get in return? A team with enthusiastic colleagues, a salary and extralegal benefits that reflect your added value plus flexible hours.Fixed Contract


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Joseph Mercader Dubai +971(0)443 08219
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