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Job description We are looking for someone who has proven management experience in software system & PLC programming, factory automation, and project management. In this role, the Automation & software manager will perform senior engineering work and coordinate a variety of engineering duties. He/She will independently plan, create software solutions to production problems. This role requires the ability to build and maintain strong relationships across departments and communicate well at various levels across the organization & external partners. Create software platform for the future.Profile

1.Analyzes requirements for customer processes and needs.

2.Designs and/or Sources automated solutions to enhance safety and efficiency of manufacturing equipment.

3.Defines the requirements of computer systems and software to automate machinery and equipment.

4.Prepares cost estimates of automated manufacturing equipment and/or other equipment and machinery as assigned.

5.Oversees the development and/or installation of machinery and equipment in a manner that includes a thorough documentation of the design and selection of systems and controls and the meticulous documentation of installation of same.

6.Programs and problem solves PLC and other similar automation interface/software systems/programs.

Organisation and department description One of our clients hiring for Automation and Software Manager based in BelgiumOffer We are open to discuss about this.
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