Dutch Recruitment Consultant - Casablanca


Job description

Xpertize.ma, a partner of Select Group, is looking for a consultant on RPO missions (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). Our mission is to support our clients on strategic recruitment plans. As an external consultant, your missions are to:

  • Accompany the recruitment plan of one or more clients
  • Search for talents through different channels (job boards, social networks, forums)
  • Work in project mode
  • To be entrusted with a portfolio of complex positions
  • Identify, approach, attract, convince and evaluate experts in their field
  • Be an Ambassador of our Company to the client.
  • Higher education (Bachelor / Master)
  • professional experience in customer relationship
  • Perfect command of Dutch and English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team spirit
  • Very good negotiator
  • At ease with the reports
  • Excellent presentation, dynamic, ambitious and results-oriented
Organisation and department description

Xpertize.ma, is a unique recruiting office, based in Morocco and offering a 360° approach to its customers in order to identify the best candidates in the market, whether they are actively or passively looking for new opportunities.

Xpertize.ma combines successfully the head hunting (direct approach of the candidates in their current function) and the social hunting (indirect approach of the candidates via an intensive exploitation of the social networks private and professional).


We offer a permanent contract.

The position is based in Casablanca, Morocco.

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Alia Diop International +212 (0)5 29 02 96 4
Dutch Recruitment Consultant - Casablanca Vacancy information
Human Resource Admin & Recruitment
Contract duration unspecified
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